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Anonymous asked:

I just got accepted to FSU, do you have any advice for college freshmen? Thank you! :)


Do all the little events. Your dorm will host little parties of activities either for the building or your floor - go to all of them. Live in the dorms, at least one year (APPLY FOR HOUSING RIGHT NOW. NO, RIGHT NOW. DO IT AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS I’M NOT KIDDING if you want you won’t get shit housing you’ll get NO housing). Even if you end up in one of the “shitty” dorms, still do it.

Go to all the events the union hosts. All of them.

Don’t study in your room. Go down to the common area and study. Go to the basement, the lobby, sit down, work on shit. You’ll meet people. They may be in your class and want to work with you, they may want to distract you. Make friends with both. Unless it’s finals week. Then study in the library. It’s 24 hours. Nobody wants to meet you then anyway.

Remember when the food halls open and close because nothing sucks more then getting hungry for dinner and Suwanee is already closed.

Cook food in the kitchens in the dorms. The smell will bring people in, and you may meet your best friend that way (I met my best friend since frenchman year because she was making tacos, I poked my head in, and she offered me some). Just know that you’re gonna lose food. If you want to cook for yourself, wait for a weekend, mid day. Keep a stock of food in a place where your roommate doesn’t know about.

Know your neighbors. Know the people on your floor. Be nice to your RA because they’ll be more likely to let you pass on shit you shouldn’t be doing. And trust me, even if you’re a goodie two shoes now, you will eventually do shit you probably shouldn’t be doing.

Ride the Night Nole. Doesn’t matter where, it’s in a loop. Get dressed to go out to a party, get on, sit down, talk to the people on it. Join in the eventual late night sing-a-longs. All the best parties I ever went to were because me and my friends got on the bus with no location in mind, and ended up following people to a party THEY were going to. 

Don’t take more than 12 hours your first semester. Just don’t. Or your second semester, really. There will be plenty of time to bust your ass on shit when you’re a sophomore, junior and senior. Being a freshman is really the only time you have to take bullshit pre-req classes that you don’t really have to care about or work hard on, and you’ll want the easy load so you can get adjusted. 

Pass/fail is your friend but you only have a few. If you have to take a class you KNOW you’re only going to pass by the skin of your teeth, take is pass/fail, it won’t fuck with your GPA. But you only get a few so make them count.

Learn to balance mental with school life. No one is going to wake you up in the morning anymore. It’s your job to get to class but nobody is going to tell you to do so. Know each class’ attendance policies. Know how many you have missed and how many you can miss. Make yourself go to class, but if there comes a day where you just fucking can’t, skip. You can take mental health days but don’t let them ruin your grades. Find a balance.

The health and wellness center is your best friend, and if you have the school’s insurance it’s all free. Get a note for everything.

There will be a lot of drugs you haven’t tried or even heard of that float around you. Try some if you want, stay away from them if you don’t. Contrary to what D.A.R.E. has told you, most people will respect your choice not to indulge in their drug of choice. If they don’t, they’re toxic people, stay away from them. FSU likes their hallucinogens and ecstasy. Be aware of that.

Know that your freshman year is the year that college is really college. It’s the year you need to really live the college lifestyle. Because chances are, you’re gonna move out of the dorms by sophomore year (unless you become an RA, which, try out for that too). The people you meet in your dorms, the friends you make, those people will only be in that place once. Your freshman year is going to be characterized by a random grouping of different human lives all brought together by experiences and dorm room numbers that will never happen again. After you leave, another set of freshman will take your place, and go through all the experiences you did, and the cycle will repeat. As college keeps going, you study more, hang out less, and eventually, campus will just be that place you have to go to for class before you go back home for the day.

And eventually, you’re going to be me, staring down your very last semester of college, and feeling like you’re barely in college at all. It’s basically high school only with harder classes and instead of going home to your parents you’re going home to your roommates (or lack there of, if you can afford a single like me). And those people you met your freshman year will probably not be around sans for a few of them. You’ll pass each other on the bus or see each other at a party and get really excited and ask how you’re doing and where you’re going but not much other then that.

And you’re going to need to be able to look back on the four years you spent getting your degree and say “yes, I did this, I went to college and I lived it” because otherwise you’re just going to be disappointed in yourself. Get drunk and slap somebody. Cry outside your dorm. Stay up all night with people you just met. Drink a little too much. End up in the library pulling an all nighter with other people in your class. Date somebody. Don’t date somebody. Go on an adventure. 

Do everything, because this is going to be the only chance you’ve got to. You’ll slowly morph into an adult in your time in college and you’ve got a small window of opportunity for ultimate freedom, take it. Don’t be that kid who spent their college career sitting in their dorm.

You will regret it.

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Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a clear surface. And, according to Richard Lunt of MSU’s College of Engineering, the key word is “transparent.”

[read more at MSU] [paper] [picture credit: Yimu Zhao]


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