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I think bri-ecrit will really understand this even if she doesn’t really know who I am but they’ll be people in your lives that without even realizing will really mess you up. My last ex-boyfriend was really concerned with his weight which in turn made me extremely self-conscious with mine. I mean I was eighteen when I was dating him. Shouldn’t I had been super skinny and wearing itty bitty little shorts and crop tops? No, but I still felt that way. I still do. A year has passed since then and I still feel like I have to look pretty in all my pictures and control my weight and it’s toxic. It’s toxic the way people can continue to control you long after they’re gone. It was the most subtle thing. Him commenting on his weight that made me feel as if mine was extremely important. I’m that awkward imbetweener, not quite skinny for my frame but not that nice curvy either. Just kind of chubby really. Which sucks immensely when you’re in a dance group with size 0-2 girls. But I’m slowly getting through it. Wearing a bikini around the house, just trying to be comfortable in my own skin. But really the worst thing is, I’m not even that bad. And the logical part of me knows that. I’m 5’4 weigh 140ish pounds and that should be okay. But I feel like it’s not enough. From a silly little comment made only a few times and not even towards me. And that’s the worst part.

Disney Questionnaire!

  • Send one(or several!) of these numbers to my ask box for an answer!

  • 1. Favorite Disney movie?

  • 2. Favorite Disney song?

  • 3. Have I been to the Disney parks before?

  • 4. Favorite prince?

  • 5. Favorite park ride to be on after-dark?

  • 6. Mickey premium ice-cream bars or churros?

  • 7. Favorite land in the parks?

  • 8. Favorite sidekick in a Disney film?

  • 9. If I could be in a live-action version of any Disney film, which one would it be and who would I play(regardless of things like appearance/singing ability)?

  • 10. Favorite character to interact with in the parks?

  • 11. Do I collect Disney pins?

  • 12. What park ride do I have a love/hate relationship with?

  • 13. Favorite Disney love-song?

  • 14.Favorite non-animated Disney movie?

  • 15. Do I own any Mickey ears? If so, what kind?

  • 16. A park ride I've never been on?

  • 17. Favorite Phil Collins Disney song?(Legitimate question!)

  • 18. Favorite Disney movie sequel?

  • 19. Favorite Disney renaissance movie?

  • 20. Favorite Disney/Pixar movie?

  • 21. Favorite in-park restaurant?

  • 22. Have I ever stayed in a Disney hotel?

  • 23. Favorite in-park snack?

  • 24. Favorite Winnie the Pooh character?

  • 25. Favorite classic character(Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.,)?

  • Ask away!






Half-Mourning Dress


The Victoria & Albert Museum

What’s a “half-mourning” dress?  Mourning in the front, party in the back?

Half-Mourning was the third stage of mourning for a widow. She would be expected to mourn her husband for at least two years, the stages being Full Mourning, Second Mourning and Half-Mourning. The different stages regulated what they would be wearing, with Full Mourning being all black and with no ornamentation, including the wodow’s veil, and the stages after that introducing some jewellery and modest ornamentation. When in Half-Mourning you would gradually include fabrics in other colors and sort of ease your way out of mourning. 

Wow, I am happy you made that joke so I could interpert it as a serious question and have an excuse to ramble on about clothing customs of the past, I am a historical fashion nerd.

That’s very informative, but I’m going to stick with my original head canon:


I love both the informed fashion history and the hilariously off-the-wall halves of this post.

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